Together We Are #Artsakh Strong

On the morning of September 27, Azerbaijan launched missile and aerial attacks on Artsakh, targeting civilian populations in the capital, Stepanakert, and major regions throughout the Artsakh Republic. The series of attacks follows the continuous Azeri aggression and attacks against Armenia and Armenians across the globe. Now more than ever, we need the support and unity of people around the world. Together we can call on our leaders to bring an end to reoccurring Azeri aggression and military conflicts.

What is Happening

Recent Tensions

July Tensions

Take Action

In the midst of a global pandemic, Azerbaijan has been carrying out deadly attacks and invading Armenia. Here is what you can do to help :

Stay Informed

It is important to stay well-informed on what these current events have resulted from by educating yourself through reliable sources. It is easy to come across misinformation nowadays, and with your help we can stop the circulation of fake news. Control the online narrative by using #ArtsakhStrong and make sure to stay updated with new information as well as historical facts. Asbarez, the Armenian Weekly, and Zartonk Media are great news outlets that report on Armenian issues!

Spreading Awareness

Spreading awareness is the fastest way to rally support for Armenia, and it increases our efforts of taking action and creating change. By continuing to discuss and educate others of what is currently happening, you will keep up the momentum of our movement! In addition to using #ArtsakhStrong, repost and share posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spread awareness:

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